Ana Garcia Fuentes

Ana García Fuentes
PhD fellow
Instituto de Ciencias Marinas de Andalucía (CSIC)
Campus Río San Pedro - 11510 Puerto Real (Cádiz), Spain
Phone. 34-956832612 (ext.257)
Fax: 34-956834701
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I am a PhD student (JAE-Predoc).
Currently, I am finishing my degree within the framework of the Official Postgraduate Program in Marine Environment: Science and Development, at the University of Cádiz (Spain). My thesis is entitled: “Capacity of carbon dioxide bio-fixation by marine microalgae: implications in the Global change”, under the supervision of Dr. Jesús Forja and Dr. Luis M. Lubián Chaichío. My investigation is based in carbon analyses in different compartments of microalgae cultures, carried out in a laboratory-scale photobioreactor.


García-Fuentes A., Forja J., Lubián L.M. 2012. Gestión del carbono en microalgas marinas cultivadas en fotobioreactor. V Foro Iberoam. Rec. Mar. Acui: 157-165.