Antonio Tovar

Antonio Tovar Sánchez, PhD
Instituto de Ciencias Marinas de Andalucía (CSIC)
Campus Río San Pedro - 11510 Puerto Real (Cádiz), Spain
Phone. 34-956832612 (ext.283)
Fax: 34-956834701
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Antonio Tovar-Sánchez received his B.Sc. in Marine Sciences in 1995 and he obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry in the University of Cádiz in 2000. He has a permanent position as Research Scientist at the CSIC since June 2006. Previously he was a post-doctoral research associate at the Marine Sciences Research Center at the Stony Brook University, New York (USA) from August 2001 to June 2004. In 2006 he received the EUR-OCEANS Young Scientist Award in recognition of the excellence of your research in the field of biogeochemistry and the development of new methods to elucidate the interplay between metals and biology in the ocean and coast. His primary research activities included biogeochemical cycles of metals and nutrients in the ocean and their interactions among atmosphere, waters, biota and sediments, as well as the optimization and development of analytical methods and techniques in environmental chemistry.



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